Materials & Craftmanship


As if Gaea ‘s meaning the goddess of mother earth and life’ responsible for a healthy sustainable cycle, our aim and effort is to be as green and sustainable as we can be.
Pieces are designed with flexibility of use, durability, timeless and desirability in mind.

Gaea works primarily with natural materials, embracing their unique character and color as an integral part of design. These high-quality materials have minimal to no chemical processing and no harmful additives. The natural materials we work with are carefully selected for their natural qualities and their ability to grow more beautiful with age and use.

“We follow a philosophy of kids health and safety,
local manufacturing and material selection.”


We work exclusively with domestic hardwoods. All our woods are sustainably harvested from forests local to our factory.


We choose to use FSC Certified Finland Birch Plywood. It passes CARB II emission standards for Formaldehyde.

Oil & Wax Finish

Our standard wood finish is a premium, organic plant-based oil/wax finish.

Water-based lacquer

We work with a GreenGuard Certified, water-based, furniture grade lacquer that is non-toxic, low VOC, and 100% HAPs free (Hazardous Air Pollutants).


Our glues are water-based and non-toxic.


All textiles we use are 100% pure, natural fiber. The cotton is 100% organic GOTS Certified

Latex + Coir

We work with GOLS certified, hand-molded, natural latex derived from organic rubber trees

“High Quality

Using only the highest quality sustainable materials, all of our products are made in Turkey with purity, craft and timeless appeal in mind.