Privacy Policy

About Membership
To sign up for our store, just fill in the Sign Up sections that go to our Member Login page. Fill in your member information correctly and completely, contact us and click on your issue. Please fill carefully and carefully to ensure that products and services arrive quickly and in good health.
Membership is a simple and fast process. Membership does not imply that you enter any requirements. However, please read the Sales Agreement carefully before shopping.

Member Security
We guarantee everything to ensure the safety of the member. Do not share the information you use to access our store with anyone, be sure for your security, do not log into the system from computers.

Different Address Streetstrong
Each member contains an address section where you can enter a different address except your own address address for the Order Termination.
When you visit your address, you can use it to send your gifts, as well as use your address in the sections you want.