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The Alin crib has been designed so you can always be close to your baby. The design fits through most doors so you can move it to your room whenever you need. We find this very function of our bed is priceless when your baby is a new born or when they are theething.

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A fantastic cot on wheels, portable yet luxurious.

Design on Wheels

It’s unique design on wheels makes it easy for the parents to carry the bed around.

Ventilated bed base

The bed base have round holes for proper ventilation, a fun element for children to look at and play with, when the mattress is not there.

Technical Data & Finishes

Safety & Health

We pride ourselves on intense focus on natural materials and certificated production. The emotive quality of everyday objects, and balance with natural materials and high-tech precision manufacturing is our driving force.

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Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 145 × 57 × 85 cm

Natural, White Lacquered


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