Fox T


Fox T bed is the toddler size bed for toddlers. It is a bed where one is sure to fall in love. It is appealing with its soft colors and the choice of animal designs. It is environmentally friendly. It is simple and fun.



A friendly and elegant
toddler bed.

Customizable look

Colours create a soothing atmosphere – and they’re simply a must-have in your child’s nursery. Have fun and choose the figure colours you like

Ventilated bed base

The bed base have round holes for proper ventilation, a fun element for children to look at and play with, when the mattress is not there.

Technical Details

Choose Figure

Fox Capitone Fox Figure Teddy Figure Vespa Figure


Choose Color

White Natural Dawn Pink Celestial Blue

Additional information

Weight 34 kg
Dimensions 154 × 77 × 68 cm

Fox, Fox Capitone, Teddy, Vespa


White, Natural, Celestial Blue, Dawn Pink


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