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As Sustainable as Nature

We are proud of our understanding of production that guarantees the health and safety of children under the guidance of nature and the care we show for the quality of materials.

Each of our products, which we have implemented locally in İzmir, is a stance of respect to nature and the world.

Our heartfelt commitment to sustainability is reflected in certified natural materials and their life cycles.


The Secret Language Between Children and Nature

Lil' Gaea was founded in 2012 with a clear vision for children's furniture: to create contemporary, versatile designs that grow, transform and adapt to the development of children, reflect the secret language between children and nature, and touch the lives of children, each more colorful than the other.



by nature '

The admiration of the founders Pınar Yar Gövsa and Tuğrul Gövsa for the secret language between the little ones and nature; The fact that children are always embraced by nature, their trust in nature and their ability to reflect themselves turns into finely designed and meticulously processed furniture in the light of this vision.

It is possible to see the traces of the inspiration they get from this instinctive bond in every Lil gaea design that witnesses the journey of a child from birth to adolescence and transforms with it and challenges time.


Exclusive Services

The Lil' Gaea family, which has expanded since its establishment, plays a major role in an important milestone in 2023: Exclusive Lil' Gaea Services, which supports and pioneers sustainable environmental understanding and circular consumption habits.

Exclusive Lil' Gaea Services such as 'Share The Love', 'Second Chance', 'Room Transformation' promote environmental volunteering while supporting a circular economy.

How about Sharing the Love by gifting your room to your friend?

You can return your unused Lil'Gaea products to us, and get new products with Carbon notr discount instead.

Did you know that the products that are taken back go through a meticulous renewal process and offer advantageous beginnings to new families aiming to contribute to nature in our Second Chance Store?

You can turn your baby room into a nursery or teen room when the time comes, and keep the Lil'Gaea love and touch to your life.

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