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The exclusive Second Chance Service is a unique opportunity to show your love for thoughtful design and flawless craftsmanship and proudly contribute to sustainability.

When you complete your journey with Lil' Gaea designs, you can give it back to us to contribute to the sustainable world, and you can get different Lil' Gaea products at a discount.

We take back your unused products and apply a discount to your next purchase.

We design Lil' Gaea furniture to add joy and excitement to your life, and we produce it with love by paying attention to all the details. Thanks to this care we show, products that are valued day by day and that will be loved by more than one family are emerging. We have created the Exclusive Share The Love Service so that every family who desires can experience the comfort and beauty of Lil' Gaea and enjoy this care.

Every detail of a Lil' Gaea design is meticulously planned, from concept to execution, and every detail is meticulously executed to achieve perfection. At the end of this delicate process, products are created that can be passed down from generation to generation, each of which is as valuable as jewellery.

Thanks to these features, Lil' Gaea designs can be taken back and renewed by us when they complete their journey with a family. Thus, it meets its new owners by becoming a value-added product and contributes to a sustainable environment. Moreover, in honor of being a part of the circular economy, it gives the first owners an advantage in their next shopping.

We're renovating products and putting them on the Lil' Gaea Second Chance shelves so another family can create new memories with him.

Lil' Gaea furniture is designed to be loved and used by your children for a long time. Our families, on the other hand, have had to change their beloved Lil' Gaeas only because their children have gotten too old. Once your child has grown up and it's time for a change, you can give your Lil' Gaea a second chance with the Premium Second Chance Service. When you want to take advantage of this service, our specially trained team takes it from you and carefully examines all the requirements for repair. After review, it renews its unique beauty and puts it on the shelves of Lil' Gaea Second Chance so that another family can create new memories with it.

While creating the exclusive Second Chance Service, we were inspired by the value that long-lasting products add to life and the shared happiness that this value adds to the lives of different people.

We wanted this service, which we created to make it easier for other families to enter the world of Lil' Gaea with a new piece, to contribute to a sustainable world at the same time.

Please contact us for more information on giving your Lil' Gaea a second chance.

(The service is only valid in Izmir and Istanbul cities for now.)

10% Discount on First Purchase Exclusively for GAEA Customers. Don't forget to use coupon code GAEA10 .